Patricia Skeriotis and Myko Are Serious About Pet Laws

Patricia Skeriotis and Myko are seriously hoping this new pet law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania passes and hope you can help, too!

This new pet law in Pittsburgh, PA would make it illegal to leave a dog unattended outside in bad weather (below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees).

The law would be enforced with a $500 fine and a requirement that the perpetrator pay any shelter bills if that dog/cat has to be taken in for the night.


As for people with outdoor pets, this new pet law in Pittsburgh, PA would create strict guidelines and specifications for outdoor pets’ protection :

  • tether length and grounding, so the dog doesn’t become entangled

  • shelter structure (adequately protective against the elements)

  • location (closeness to shade, food, and water)

  • and bedding (cedar shavings or another nonabsorbent material – no blankets!).

‘‘It’s very sad when people abuse animals,’’ Mrs. Harris said. ‘‘They are here for us to love and take care of.’’


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