Patricia Skeriotis and Myko : Soldiers and their Rescues

These soldiers adopt puppies while on deployment in Afghanistan

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like for people and dogs in war torn countries.

This uplifting story tells the tale of a litter of puppies adopted by a unit of soldiers in Afghanistan. They fell in love with a stray dog who would follow them out on missions and soon find out she was pregnant.

The soldiers take the puppies in as their own during the tour; feeding them their MREs and whatever food they could find to keep the pups growing.

Sgt Caba and the Pups in Afghanistan








After returning from deployment, they wondered if they would ever see the dogs who came to mean so much to them again.


Nowzad for dogs and Guardians of Rescue made it possible for them to bring all 8 home.

After a three month long holding period and vaccinations and micro chipping, the pups were ready to come home.

Nowzad Dogs is a non profit founded by a Royal Marine who similarly fell in love with a dog in Afghanistan. He worked hard to bring him his stray and founded this organization to help other soldiers do the same. The non profit also helps animal welfare of dogs still in Afghanistan.

soldiers and their dogs
Sgt Caba and his Dog Cadence









soldiers and the pups - back home





Watch the CNN clip on how the pups were saved :