Patricia Skeriotis Presents : An L.A. Dog Cafe

Inspired by her time in South Korea, 21 year old dog lover Sarah Wolfgang plans to intruduce the Dog Cafe to the City of Angels

At the Bau House in Seoul, South Korea, guests can come visit with the twelve dogs there, or bring their own dog in for some playtime (provided he/she meets a few qualifications).

Dog Cafe
The Bau House

With the purchase of a drink (and maybe some doggy treats) you can stick around for a game of fetch or a round of tug o’ war or maybe just a laid back snuggle session with one of the dogs. 

Dog Cafe
Inside the Bau House (Seoul, South Korea)
Dog Cafe
Dogs Enjoying the Bau House








Wolgang hopes to being this same doggy ambiance to a cafe in the L.A. area she will be opening.

In addition to creating a haven for dog lovers in the city, this cafe will also provide a valuable resource to the dogs. 

She plans to bring in 12 dogs a day to the cafe after a screening process with trainers assigned to three dogs on staff on any given day to make are the dogs are on their best behavior.

Dog Cafe
Help Dogs Like Me Get Adopted!







This will give these dogs the chance to win over the hearts of their future forever home family in a relaxed environment, where they can really shine. She plans to work in partnership with Los Angeles Animal Services to find dogs in need to “staff” her cafe.

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