Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Vacation! – Part 12 (Orlando)

Orlando, Florida!

Orlando, Florida


Or more specifically, Walt Disney World in Orlando!




Disney World has been a hallmark of American culture since its fouding in October of 1971.

Walt Disney saw an opportunity to create a magical escape for people in his movies and then further realized this dream through the foundation of a theme park.

The first theme park was Disneyland, founded in 1955 in Anaheim, California. After the success he found there, he decided to expand the operation and create Walt Disney World in Florida.

The “Magical World of Disney” (Walt Disney World) has become the most visited vacation resort in the world according to Forbes magazine.


Disney World features gold, water parks, Sea World, and now even a Magical World of Harry Potter. The “Magic Kingdom” covers 27, 248 acres of land in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (which includes Orlando).

This vacation destination has all sorts of activities for people of all ages.


Spend the afternoon golfing, sunning on the beach, riding the roller coasters, or even meeting and greeting with the Disney princesses from your favorite movies.

Disney Princesses


Should Patricia Skeriotis and Myko go on a vacation to Disney World?

This enticing world of make-believe has much and more to offer!

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