Patricia Skeriotis Presents : Exercise

Dog Exercise is Important!

(Not That Myko Seems to Think So. . .


Myko can be quite the lazy pup when it comes to getting his exercise.

Laziness is pretty typical of the Shih Tzu breed and is part of what makes them such great lap dogs.

Shih Tzu are glamorous . . .

Like this one . . .

So Chic










But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to get their daily exercise in! 

Make sure your Shih Tzu is happy and healthy by taking him/her to the park or for a long walk each day. This can lengthen your dog’s life expectancy and also keep you fit as well!

In the video, Myko may be being a lazy guy, but he’s at least socializing and soaking in the sights and smells, which is a form of exercise for dogs.


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