Patricia and Myko Skeriotis Want to Take a Get-Away to Chile

 Myko has been begging to visit Chile all year and the he found this charming hotel on the internet!

Poor Patricia won’t hear the end of it if they don’t get to go.


Hotel in Chile










This interesting hotel located in the heart of the 300,000 acre Unesco Nature Reserve in southern Chile has received rave reviews across the board.

Myko has been absolutely begging Patricia to go. He claims “all the cool dogs will be there” and that it’s the vacation destination of the season.” 

But Patricia is not convinced.

Myko won’t have it. He’s been stubbornly sitting in Patricia’s travel bag for three days, like this Shih Tzu

Travel-Bag Myko







Maybe when she finds out that the hotel spews water out over the vines growing up the sides once a day like a jungly volcano of life her opinion will be swayed.

Or perhaps the exclusivity will appeal to her. 

This hotel can only be accessed by foot and then only by a swinging rope bridge.

Magic Mountain Hotel






If Patricia isn’t feeling adventurous, perhaps Myko can tempt her with the cozy, homelike interior of the hotel that will serve as a home away from home in the wondrous jungle. 

Inside the Hotel







Myko certainly hopes Patricia will hear him out.



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