Myko Arriving – Patricia Skeriotis and Her Dog Myko Write a Blog

 Patricia and Myko Skeriotis

Myko Skeriotis

If you cant handle the cuteness do not ENTER THIS WEBSITE
 have been held ransom by threat of un-ending barking  to create this website. He must have his adorable, furry voice heard!  Views expressed on this site are his own yet typed by me…until he gets a touch screen.

Follow this page for all sorts of general silliness and posts about things Myko and Patricia Skeriotis find amusing or interesting.

All posts are in the name of good fun, no matter how hard Myks tries to push his plans for world domination . . .


We post about everything from the history of the Shih Tzu to the hottest vacation destination we’d like to visit. 

Shih Tzu History
Vacation Destination

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